How to host your site in 30 minutes for 100% free

    Create a Web address
  1. Go to a free web hosting site . eg. You may click here also for this. (Note: 0 in the 0catch is ZERO not O)
  2. Click 'Sign up' button
  3. At choice 1, i.e, at Sub domain hosting, Enter your name or any name (Without space or dot) for creating the name of the site and Click on 'Sign up now' Button
  4. On next screen you see a message like this: 'Congratulations, the site is available! Please choose the type of account you would like to sign up for below'. Select the Free Plan #1 and click 'Continue with sign up'
    If unlucky, you may get a message like this ' I am sorry someone has already chosen this name. Please Hit Back And Try Again'. In this case, go back and try with another name till you succeed.
  5. While I was testing for writing this document, I got the following message and henece I could not complete the proceedure. If you could try it.
    Sometimes you get message like this 'Sorry, cannot connect to the server at this time. Call support (801) 765-9400! Proxy Error'. Please wait for sometime and try the above steps
    Create the Page
  1. Using Word Programme on Windows (or any other programme), type the matter that you want to display at the site. Select different fonts, font colors etc. But please avoid pictures, themes or any such 'insertions' etc for the time being and save it as WEB Page with name 'index.html'. Please note that the extension of the file should be .html   Normally windows adds this, but you have to confirm that the name of the file is not index.html.html
  2. copy this file to C drive
    Upload to the site
  1. Connect your computer to internet.
  2. Press 'Start' Button on Windows and Select 'Run' and type the following command 'Command'. At the prompt you get then, type 'c:' to get C:> prompt. (Please note that we have copied index.html here. Type 'dir index.*' and confirm that 'index.html' is there at C: drive. Then at C:> prompt, type 'ftp' You will be asked user name and then password. Enter Username you created (eg: {yourname} ) and password. If login is ok, you get a message like this '230 Restricted user logged in'. Else repeat this again till you logged in.
    Then type the following command 'put index.html'
  3. If ok, you have hosted your site for free.

Now Check your site in the Internet Explorer or something like that. Your web address is 'http://{yourname}'

Revise/Update the site
For this Create a new Page and upload it as explained above. Old file will be replaced

To create advanced Web pages
You should have some knowledge in HTML. It is very simple. Then you can go for javascript, PHP etc.